Free development components: advanced search in IE,
accessing MAPI Store events and data

Add-in Express™
Free tools and components

On this page you will find free programming tools and utilities that we use daily in our work. Hopefully they will help in your development as well. These tools will help you with accessing low-level features of Extended MAPI and programming application-based extensions for Microsoft Office in Delphi Prism.

Access MAPI Store events

MAPI Store Accessor

The MAPI Store Accessor is a free .NET tool that helps you with accessing low-level features provided by Extended MAPI in Windows Forms applications as well as in .NET-based Outlook COM add-ins. With the Accessor, you get the NewMail event, as well as all others at first hand. This tool allows you to subscribe to any or all MAPI notifications in either synchronous or asynchronous mode. The MAPI Store Accessor works with all Microsoft Outlook versions, including 2010 32-bit, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and 2000.

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Advanced Search add-on for IE6, IE7 and IE8

Advanced Search for Internet Explorer

This free add-on for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and IE 8 allows you to find and highlight searches across all windows and tabs of the current IE process. This IE add-on allows searching across page content and html code, including all meta tags, it highlights all found items and provides quick navigation among them. The Advanced Search add-on also demonstrates features of Add-in Express for IE, development toolkit for building IE add-ons. Currently the Advanced Search for Internet Explorer add-on is delivered as source code only.

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Free component to quickly find commandbar controls IDs

Built-in Control Scanner

This is a must-have tool for Office add-in developers. With Built-in Control Scanner you can easily find command bar names and built-in controls IDs. The names and IDs form the base for customizing any command bar-enabled Office application. Say, you need to know a built-in control ID in order to handle its events, to place your custom command bar button before or after this or that built-in controls.

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