Creating custom toolbar / commandbar for
Microsoft Office 2000 - 2003, 2007 in C#, C++, VB.NET

Toolbar Controls
for Microsoft® Office

Toolbar Controls is a commercial class UI for your Office add-ins

The Toolbar Controls for Microsoft Office is an easy-to-use .NET component library that provides unique features for creating a commercial class UI in your Microsoft Office 2000 - 2007 solutions. Using the Toolbar Controls you can easily create sophisticated user interfaces found in today's most recognizable commercial Office plug-ins. The Toolbar Controls for Microsoft Office is built on our exclusive Add-in Express technology and based on true RAD approaches inherited from Microsoft shared technologies. It provides a fast and flexible way to program stable and powerful Office-based solutions.

The Toolbar Controls for Microsoft Office was architected from the ground up to overstep the limits of the existing technology and to deliver tomorrow's solutions today. With the Toolbar Controls Office you get a complete freedom in creating the UI of your Microsoft Office based solutions.

Toolbar Controls enhances MS Office for developers

Microsoft Office 2000 - 2003 provides only five standard controls that can be added to a toolbar / commandbar - button (msoControlButton), edit box (msoControlEdit), combo box (msoControlComboBox), drop down list (msoControlDropdown) and pop-up (msoControlPopup). You can use the base Add-in Express to place these controls onto your command bar. However, the msoControlType enumeration includes much more toolbar controls used by Microsoft only.

On forums over the Net, a lot of Office developers ask more and more questions about using auto complete combo boxes, graphic combo boxes, expanding grids, images, msoControlActiveX and msoControlCustom in Office solutions. But there was no way to do this. To meet developers' needs we created the Toolbar Controls for Microsoft Office. It is a .NET component library that allows Office developers to use any custom controls on their Office 2007 - 2000 toolbars.

Toolbar Controls extends Add-in Express

The Toolbar Controls for Microsoft Office is a plugin for Add-in Express based on the true RAD technology. It is ready-to-use in your Add-in Express projects immediately after installing. The Toolbar controls contains several special components, each of them enables .NET controls on command bars of one of Office applications: Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc. Just add one of these components to your add-in module, create a custom .NET control, bind it to a commandbar and voila.

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