Creating Outlook toolbar with custom .NET controls
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Toolbar Controls
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Toolbar Controls for Microsoft Office:

How to add a .NET control to a custom Outlook toolbar

This video shows how to customize Outlook 2007 toolbar / commandbar, add any .NET controls to Microsoft Outlook toolbars. This video was captured with Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Outlook 2007. The sample Outlook add-in in this video is developed in Visual Basic (VB.NET), but you can also write in C# and C++. The video shows how to use the Toolbar Controls for Office in your add-in projects, namely:

1. How to add a toolbar / commandbar to Outlook Explorer.

2. How to add an advanced commandbar control to the Outlook command bar.

3. How to bind .NET controls to the Outlook toolbar.

Creating Outlook  toolbar with custom .NET controls

If the video does not play online properly, you can download the video to watch it offline (right click on the link and select "Save As...").