Welcome to the new Add-in Express forum!

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Welcome to the new Add-in Express forum!
Andrei Smolin

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the new Add-in Express forum!

Though its name, "Other Add-in Express products" forum, may sound a bit confusing, all is pretty simple : ) We decided to split our forums into several parts and start a separate forum for each "big" Add-in Express product. And since we have a number of "small" products, we dedicated this forum to them. So, if you want to ask anything about any of the products below, this is your place to post questions, bug reports, suggestions or any other feedback.

Supported products:
Add-in Express for Outlook Express (.net and VCL)
Outlook Security Manager (.net, VCL and ActiveX editions)
VSTO Support for Delphi Prism
MAPI Store Accessor
Advanced Search for Internet Explorer
Built-in Control Scanner

Look forward to seeing you here!
Add-in Express Team
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