Outlook Security Manager slow to connect to Microsoft Outlook

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Outlook Security Manager slow to connect to Microsoft Outlook
Security Manager is slow when establishing a connection to Microsoft Outlook. 
Byron Upchurch

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Security Manager for Outlook is taking a long time to connect. Our server is accessed by multiple users through Remote Desktop Services (RDS). We are using Outlook 2007. We have verified conclusively that the call to SecurityManager.ConnectTo() takes from 18 to 20 seconds. To be clear, this only occurs on our server, and not when the same software is run locally. When run locally, Security Manager connects in under a second (and works great).

I’ve checked the forums and found others have reported similar issues. We have tried the following:
1. Disabled “Check for publisher's certificate revocation”.
2. Registered secman.dll using RegSvr32.exe.
3. Disabled antivirus.

Is there anything else we can do to increase connection speed?

Programming Environment: Visual Studio, C#.
Referenced Library: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook

// declaration
private static Outlook.Application _outlookApplication = null;
private static AddinExpress.Outlook.SecurityManager _securityManager = new AddinExpress.Outlook.SecurityManager();
// implementation within method
_outlookApplication = new Outlook.Application();

Reviewed the following forum topics:

Thanks in advance,
Posted 14 Mar, 2012 19:03:32 Top
Renat Tlebaldziyeu


Hello Byron,

We were reported about the terminal servers issue and have already fixed it.
What version (with build number and edition, please) of Outlook Security Manager do you use?

I recommend you to install the latest version of Security Manager, you can download it from our web-site. Here is the download page:

Please let me know if the issue still occurs after installing the latest version.
Posted 15 Mar, 2012 01:54:25 Top