Get Add-in Express free of charge or with a 50% discount

Add-in Express discounts and special offers

We are happy to give you a number of opportunities to get any Add-in Express products with significant discounts or even free of charge as well as to promote your products through our web-site. Please bookmark this page and get back regularly to be the first to learn about new opportunities and special offers.

For bloggers - get a discount or a free license

If you run a blog about Microsoft Office or IE development targeting .NET or Delphi programmers, you can get any Add-in Express product with a substantial discount or even for free. Just drop us a note using the contact form and we will get back to you to discuss details.

50% educational discount

If you are a student, you can buy a Standard subscription of any Add-in Express product with a 50% educational discount. Please be aware that you can use the educational version for academic purposes only. If you want to develop commercial software, you need to buy the full version. Please contact us to request a discount.

Get your product listed on our web-site

You have an opportunity to get your product developed with Add-in Express listed on Our products in action page, of course with a link to your web-site. What you need to do is send us a brief description of your product and a testimonial in which you share your impression of Add-in Express products and support services. You can find a few examples on Our customers say page. Please contact us and we will get back to you to discuss details.

Note. We do not guarantee that you will be provided with a free version, discount or a listing of your product on our web-site. The final decision regarding all the opportunities and special offers listed on this page is at the sole discretion of the Add-in Express Company.