WebView form and <New> button

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WebView form and <New> button
Can we control the image? 
Christopher Cardinal

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When a user selects a folder assigned to one of my webview forms, he sees my grid and controls etc. However, the New button on the Outlook toolbar either (different on different machines) stays as a New Email (which is the underlying folder type) or turns into a BACK button (presumably because it thinks it is viewing a web page). Can I change this button for my own (which is also on the new toolbar)?
Posted 12 Feb, 2009 10:24:30 Top
Sergey Zapotylok

Add-in Express team

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Hello Christopher,
You can try to find this button by its ID (for example, with our Built-in Control Scanner ), and then hide the original button, or replace it with your custom button.
But then you will need to return the original button back.
Posted 12 Feb, 2009 12:22:44 Top