No options for shim and strong naming

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No options for shim and strong naming
Johannes Stuermer

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I've purchased the Add-In Express 2 yesterday, but it looks very different from what I expected to see after viewing the Flash demo online.

When I create a new project using the template "ADX COM Add-In" I don't get the options for creating a shim project or strong naming the assembly. Also, under the Build menu I don't see "Register Add-In" and "Unregister Add-In".

Is the version that I downloaded (net-v21b1744.msi) outdated? If so, please let me know where can I get the version that matches the online demo.

Posted 26 Apr, 2005 13:41:05 Top
Eugene Starostin



Shims and strong naming are supported by version 2.2. You can find some details about version 2.2 and in your inbox.
Posted 26 Apr, 2005 16:32:57 Top
Johannes Stuermer


Thanks for the clarification.

The improvements you've made are very helpful. I especially like the ability to quickly register/unregister the Add-In.
Posted 26 Apr, 2005 22:42:36 Top