IMPORTANT: What is version 2.2 preview.

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IMPORTANT: What is version 2.2 preview.
Eugene Starostin


Dear Friends,

As I see there is some misunderstanding about version 2.2 preview. I quite understand that you have little time to read our newsletters. To tell the truth I don't always read them myself. :-)

Meanwhile, I would like to admit that "version 2.2 preview" was completely tested and stable. Since it was published no bugs have been found. That is why I would recommend version 2.2 preview to start developing your projects. In any case we mean version 2.2 preview when we answer your questions.

Now we are reviewing and rewriting its documentations. Also we are preparing a new product that will be based on Add-in Express.

Eugene E. Starostin
Posted 08 Mar, 2005 16:10:14 Top