Is it possible to subclass ADXAddinModule

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Is it possible to subclass ADXAddinModule
Is it possible to have a subclass that inherits ADXAddinModule that itself is inherited? 

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Has the situation changed with this discussion? I'm trying to do the same but getting nowhere. The registration appears to be successful but doesn't update the registry.

We have multiple products that we have been loading using a single addin, but I'd like to isolate them into different domains and the best way would seem to be to have separate addins. They all behave in an almost identical way to events from Excel so the simplest implementation appear to be to extract a base class to inherit for the different products.

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Andrei Smolin

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Hello Sean,

I would create a class that consumes any add-in module given. That class could check if there's an ADXExcelAppEvents on the module and connect to its events or show an error message. Then you can create descendants of this class.

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Andrei Smolin
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