Accessing Color Galary with adxRibbonCommand

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Accessing Color Galary with adxRibbonCommand
Peter Lechner

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Hello Support Team,

is there a way to somehow access the Excel color galary (to format cells) with adxRibbonCommand. there a way to add a this galary to a custom RibbonControl? there a way to add a custom (winforms) control to a custom RibbonControl?

Many Thanks,
Posted 24 May, 2012 04:16:03 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Peter,

The ADXRibbonCommand allows you to intercept the Button, ToggleButton and CheckBox controls (see the ActionTarget property of the component). Note, the Ribbon UI is a static thing from its birth. You can read more about this in the Office Ribbon UI components section of the online documentation.

1. Yes, you can add a gallery to your own set of ribbon controls specifying the IdMso property. Please take a look at the Referring to built-in Ribbon controls section in the online documentation on this.

2. There is no way to add a windows forms control to the Ribbon UI. It doesn't allow adding any custom controls to the scheme/xml. Instead, you can use Advanced Office task panes and place your controls on the task panes instead.
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