Installing Outlook Security Manage (.net version)

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Installing Outlook Security Manage (.net version)
Confusion between web pages. 
Warren Wander

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Currently we install the activex version, so regsvr32 the secman and osmax dll files, but moving to the .net version.

On this page there's two options, the second says that no registering of files is required, as long as they're in the same folder as the application.
> I tried this and it didn't work! I still ended up having to register secman.dll and secman64.dll.

This blog page states that secman.dll needs to be registered, which seems to fit in with what I've discovered.

Could you clarify these pages please? (And update them to be consistent.) It would be great if the install was a simple file-copy as per the first link, but if not having all these pages consistent would be very good.
Posted 28 Oct, 2020 07:38:20 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Hello Warren,

Registering isn't required for the .NET edition. The .NET class knows every required detail about secman files and it loads them from the folder where your code runs.

What made you register the secman file(s)? In what way non-registered files do not work?

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 28 Oct, 2020 09:09:35 Top