Can I show a Form or Use Form Components?

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Can I show a Form or Use Form Components?
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Davide Crudo

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Is it possible to display a custom form from the Excel plug-in? when i execute the plug-in returns an error (i've read in the forum that is possible with outlook but the sample was sent off forum).

I've seen that you have some TadxCommandBarAdvancedControl and that I can specify a form component on another form (a TMEMO).. but when i try to access it from the plug-in.. the plug-in crashes again with access violation.

what I would need is to either display a form, or use some components on another form (Like a Tmemo where to store data)... from the plug-in.

thank you in advance!
Posted 17 Jun, 2005 10:00:29 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Davide,

Following the link below you can find an example illustrating how to display forms in Excel (click the first button on the add-in's toolbar).

Posted 17 Jun, 2005 10:20:36 Top