Catch Ctrl s or F12 save / save as events

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Catch Ctrl s or F12 save / save as events
Michael McMahon

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hi there,

I'm working on an office addin which needs to capture the word save / save as events. I've been able to hook into the events for the file save / save as menu and command bar buttons okay but don't know how to access the events for F12 and Ctrl S. Does anyone else know how to do this. Right now I'm checking the documentBeforeSave event to determine when Ctrl S or F12 is clicked but this is not ideal.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer on this subject.

Posted 10 Apr, 2006 03:30:33 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Mike.

You need to do the following:
1. Add a new button on your command bar
2. Set the Visible property to False.
3. Set the ShortcutText property to Ctrl+S
4. Add the event handler for this button in the VS designer.

As to F12, there is a little issue with this key. I will send you a solution soon.
Posted 10 Apr, 2006 10:49:35 Top