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WordAddin in Enterprise Environment
Best practise to build a WordAddin in an Enterprise Environment? 
Kurt Zimmermann

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I develop a WordAddin (Word Version 2003-2010) to use in our Enterprise Environment. I have the following requirements:
1. The Addin should be registered for all users on a given pc, where the Addin is installed
2. The users have a roaming profile. When the user works on a pc, where the Addins isn't installed, the Commandbar should not show
3. The Addin should work on Terminal Server (for all Users) - there the users have a different profile than on desktops

The Addin has the following features:
1. A commandbar and a menu for Word 2003
2. A ribbon for Word 2007,2010

I have the following questions considering the use of commandbars in Word:
1. Use temporary for commandbar and controls true or false? When I use false, as recommended for Word, it leads to the following problems:
a: When I set temporary to false and normal.dot gets messed up and have to be deleted, how do I restore the commandbar/menu for that user?
b: When commandbar/menu is stored in normal.dot the user will see the controls also on desktops where the Addin isn't installed - is there a solution?

I am using VS2010 and Add-in Express 2010 for Microsoft Office and .NET

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Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Kurt,

Please take a look at the How command bars and their controls are created and removed? section in the online documentation.
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