Unable to display Option page

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Unable to display Option page
Thomas Grossen



My Outlook Option Page displays the error: "Unable to display "Test" page. This page will remain visible, but is not available" when the Add-in is installed with the setup.

If registered from VS3005, it works correctly.

I have tried to create a new empty ADX project, added an empty option page, and the same problem remains. Also tried on another computer without success

I am using VS2005 and Office 2003.

Any idea?

Thank you,

Posted 31 Mar, 2006 04:39:21 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Thomas.

You should set the Register property of the add-in dll to vsdraCOM in the setup project if you use ADXOlPropertyPage class. I described this situation in the VSSetup.doc file in the latest version of the ADX installation package.
Posted 31 Mar, 2006 04:51:32 Top
Thomas Grossen


Thank you. It works.

You are right it is writed in VSSetup.doc. The mistake is mine...

Posted 31 Mar, 2006 09:12:29 Top