Path of has changed since build net-v22b1752.msi

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Path of has changed since build net-v22b1752.msi
Space is now in path C:\Program Files\Afalinasoft\Add-in Express .NET 
Matt Driver


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with build net-v22b1752.msi the path of install for product was:

C:\Program Files\Afalinasoft\Add-in Express.NET

My project is built and all works fine.

I have just installed net-24b1756-pb.msi and the path has changed to:

C:\Program Files\Afalinasoft\Add-in Express .NET

I.E. as space has appeared after Express.

my project no longer builds correctly. The custom actions fail. Do I simply delete the files under custom actions and drag the new file with the new path back in and set the properties of the custom actions again and rebuild ?

Posted 29 Mar, 2006 07:51:01 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Matt.

Yes, please delete files and add them again.
Sorry for inconvenience.
Posted 29 Mar, 2006 08:37:48 Top