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ADX Outlook Extension - related
Esteban Astudillo


I've been looking at the web page and video demo.. Pretty cool..

A couple of related questions:

- Is it possible to assign the Form to a Folder at runtime given a certain property in the MailItem? For example, say that I want to display the Form only when the subject contains a given text.

- Maybe the Extension Form could raise an event each time it needs to decide if it has to be used or not and I could trap it and decide based on the current item..

- (this may not be related to ADX Extensions) Is it possible to customize the Preview Pane content in Outlook? I can see how you can do something like this by replacing the Preview Pane with a custom form (just like in the last example of the video), but in that case I loose all the functionality provided by Outlook in the header (From, Subject, Importance, etc) and I would need to recreate it in the custom form, which I think it would require me too much time program.

- as an alternative to the previous option I was thinking in a way to detect when the item is selected in the Preview Pane and change the HTML page that Outlook renders in that page and then somehow restore the original content. Do you think this is possible?

Pretty impressive the ADX Extensions though. I can see myself using it for a different project but I'm wondering if I could still use it and achieve the goals I stated above.

Thanks for your opinions..
Posted 22 Mar, 2006 19:41:17 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hello Esteban,

1. You can simply show/hide the form. Another (or advanced?) way is to embed a tabbed form :-)

2. The form provides the SelectionChange event (a retranslation of the built-in SelectionChange to the form context).

3. Very interesting. We will see if it is possible to embed anything into the preview pane.

4. Hmm... I suppose Outlook doesn't provide any events (public, internal or "very internal" :-) to intercept this rendering. So, the question requires some research.
Posted 22 Mar, 2006 19:54:59 Top
Esteban Astudillo


Thank you for your comments Eugene. One quick comment about item 3:

3. What I'm trying to achieve is something very similar to what you see in the Preview Pane when you receive a Meeting Request and you select it from the list. In that case, you get buttons at the top of the Preview Pane (but still within the Preview Pane) to Accept or Reject the meeting. I would like to add my own buttons in that area. Right now I'm using an Explorer toolbar, but users are getting confused when the toolbar is moved away. Basically, I loose the context

Anyway, thank you for the interest. I'm pretty sure you will develope something as cool as ADX. But I have to confess that I was hoping you would say something like "Oh yeah, you could do that using.."

Posted 22 Mar, 2006 20:16:54 Top