Unregistering the adxCommandbar buttons in 2003

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Unregistering the adxCommandbar buttons in 2003
Unregistering the adxCommandbar buttons in 2003 
srikanth g

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I am creating a addin project using Addin express.But i am facing a problem.
In my addin i have added a adxCommandBar and to that command bar i have added 3 buttons.
When register the addin i am able to view them from my Word 2003 but when done modifications and with out unregistering the addin if i register the project again i am able to view the same buttons twice.
After that if i unregister the Addin the buttons we not removed from the Word.

Can any one suggest me how to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance..

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Srikanth G
Posted 10 May, 2011 07:55:49 Top
Eugene Astafiev

Add-in Express team

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Hi Srikanth,

It looks like you set the Temporary property of your command bar to false. Please read more about this in the How command bars and their controls are created and removed? section of the online documentation.
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Posted 10 May, 2011 10:52:13 Top