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Outlook Security Manager, Developer
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Charles Nartey-Djorbua

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Joined: 2006-03-17
I have been told that your software is royalty-free. So you buy a number of licenses equal to the number of your developers and install it on any number of end-users' PCs.

I have a situation whereas I have bought the developer version yesterday for $141 and I have install it on my machine as a test which works fine and I have now install it on the end user but I am still getting the popups....any ideas?



Posted 17 Mar, 2006 06:05:53 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Charles,

You seem to have forgotten to deploy Outlook Security Manager on the target PCs. I have just replied you by email, please check your inbox.

Posted 17 Mar, 2006 06:29:22 Top