How to place commandbar button on desired form..?

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How to place commandbar button on desired form..?
How to place commandbar button on the Outlook appointment-meet form? 
d henderson

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Using Add-In-Express for .Net, I am creating a app that will be launched
when a user clicks my CommandBar button while setting up a appointment or meeting.
I cannot see how to place a CommandBar button on *only* the Outlook New->Appointment or New->Meeting Request form.

Possible? Can someone give me a pointer?

FYI - Using / WinXP Pro OS.

Thx - Don H.

Posted 13 Mar, 2006 16:50:11 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hello Don,

Use the ItemTypes property of your inspector command bar. It allows you to show command bar for specified forms. To show your command bar for new items only your can handle the inspector activate event and hide (or disable) the command bar if the current item is not new. Please take into account the multi-explorer mode when handling OnInspectorActivate.
Posted 13 Mar, 2006 17:07:23 Top