Change Account event in Inspector window

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Change Account event in Inspector window
Esteban Astudillo


Hi all,

You know when you are creating a new message in Outlook and you have multiple account you can choose which email account you want to send the email from.

Does anyone have an idea on how to capture that event? For example, when using Outlook 2003 with multiple accounts you get an ???Accounts??? drop down list button with the list of available accounts when you are creating a new email message. When you select one item from the list a grey label is displayed on top of the ???To??? field (in my Outlook at least) My final goal would be to be able to change the text of that notification label.

Is this possible at all? Any ideas?

I???m considering using a custom Form to do all these special things in my app, but if I can???t avoid going that path for now would be great. Any hints would be truly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance
Posted 13 Mar, 2006 16:17:13 Top
Esteban Astudillo


OK, I've been reading a bit more about this and this is what I've found:

- According to this MSFT article what I want to access is called the Envelope command bar and it is not available by design:;en-us;Q201095

- The same article helped me to understand a couple of things about command bars and how they are not always available, as they depend on the email format and editor in use. It also points out the special differences with Outlook 2000.

- Later I found this post in this forum site about built-in controls and a link to the Built-in Controls Scanner tool, that I needed to get the IDs of these controls:

So, given this information am I simply out of luck? Is there any other way to access the Envelope events to trap, for example, when the user changes the Accounts selection when creating a new email message?

Any pointers will be truly appreciated..
Posted 13 Mar, 2006 20:26:54 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Esteban.

What about threading? You could create a new thread to control the state of the top button (the current email account) in the Accounts popup.
Posted 14 Mar, 2006 19:34:47 Top