Add-in Express Extensions for Microsoft Outlook

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Add-in Express Extensions for Microsoft Outlook
Gürcan YÜCEL

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Im using ADX Add-ins for VCL version and Im a happy customer. While re visiting your site I saw your new product Add-in Express Extensions for Microsoft Outlook. I understand that it will also usefull for me. Here are my questions;
1.Im a Delphi user. Is there any plan about Delphi VCL version of this product? If yes when?
2.I cant understand the current architecture. I think that we can produce new outlook folder with special views. Am I right? For example, I saw that norton spam control. Is it similar like that? Also I understand that you can prepare TForm like forms at the right pane of outlook and you can use any win control like grid, button, menu etc. Am I right?
3.Is there any instalable sample? I want to seet it in action. Thus I can understand the purpose easyly.

Posted 19 Feb, 2006 15:55:01 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hi Gurcan,

Thank you for your interest in our new product. Now we are in process :-). I suppose we will add several new pages, screenshots and flash videos to give our customers more detailed information about this product.

1. We are frustrated after Borland's news. So, no comments for the present.

2. Our flash videos that will be published next week will give you more details. In any case, you are right. ADX Extensions for Outlook will help you to use forms (TForm in Delphi case, Winforms in .NET) with any controls on the right pane of Outlook.

3. We will publish more samples in sources and binaries next week.

So, please give us a couple of days to finish new pages and videos. Thank you for your patience.
Posted 19 Feb, 2006 16:16:33 Top