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Word e-mail toolbar
how to add a button to the standard e-mail toolbar 
Thomas Grossen



I want to add a command button near the "Send" command when sending new emails. This is not a problem when using outlook editor, I just added it on the "Standard" toolbar.

But when you use Word as your e-mail editor, all email buttons are not on the Standard toolbar. I cannot find the name of this toolbar. Is there any way to add a command to this toolbar?

Thank you.

Posted 13 Feb, 2006 08:58:25 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Thomas.

It is not possible to access this toolbar. I am afraid you will have to use your own toolbar in this case.
Posted 13 Feb, 2006 10:07:05 Top
Thomas Grossen


Ok, thank you for the information.

Posted 13 Feb, 2006 10:42:44 Top