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Walkthrough in documentation
Richard Freeman


I've tried jumping in at the deep end a couple of times with VS2005 and ADX and not got anything to work so decided it was time to go back to the manual and start from first principles!

So I decided to do the walkthrough project creation, got to step 4: Select the AddIn module in Solution Explorer and then change the (Name) property....

but.. In VS2005 the property window looks different - it's called "Addin Module.vb File Properties" and contains just five properties, all of which are different to those shown in the manual. Also there are no "Add Command Bar, Add Explorer Command Bar" etc links at the bottom (I do have "Commands" ticked under the right click on the properties window).

Have searched the forum and not found anyone else having the same problem so realise there's a good chance i'm being very dense here! - so apologies in advance!

Posted 08 Jan, 2006 11:46:16 Top
Richard Freeman


ok - as suspected was being dense! solved my own problem - you need to be in "design mode" to get the properties of the Add-In Module.

Posted 08 Jan, 2006 11:52:59 Top
Brad Smith

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I ran into exactly the same thing. It was a fresh install of VS.NET on the machine I was playing on, and by default that mode isn't shown. Took a bit of experimentation to figure it out.

Posted 09 Jan, 2006 07:19:49 Top