Error while using regasm.exe

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Error while using regasm.exe


When I use regasm.exe to register or unregister the dll, I get the following error.

I am using Windows 2003 server and VS.Net 2003.

Any idea?


RegAsm error: An error occurred inside the user defined Register/Unregister functions: System.InvalidOperationException: Process performance counter is disabled
, so the requested operation cannot be performed.
at System.Diagnostics.NtProcessManager.GetProcessInfos(PerformanceCounterLib
at System.Diagnostics.NtProcessManager.GetProcessInfos(String machineName, Bo
olean isRemoteMachine)
at System.Diagnostics.ProcessManager.GetProcessInfos(String machineName)
at System.Diagnostics.Process.EnsureState(State state)
at System.Diagnostics.Process.get_ProcessName()
at AddinExpress.MSO.ADXAddinModule.ADXRegister(Type t)
at SMBOutlookAddin.AddinModule.AddinRegister(Type t) in z:\source\out
lookaddinprojects\smboutlookaddin\smboutlookaddin\addinmodule.cs:line 108
Posted 05 Jan, 2006 07:43:53 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Rajesh.

Did you modify the code of the AddinRegister function in the addinmodule?
Posted 06 Jan, 2006 10:43:02 Top