Error Compiling Ship-Project

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Error Compiling Ship-Project
Compiler Error while Compiling Generated Code 



I run allready the Sample application successfully so today I try to make my own Solution.
I Created an "ADX COM Add-in".
I selected c# as the Language, because I feel more homely.

Now wehen I compile the Project I get in the ****Shim Project the following Error(s):

.....ChartGeneratorShim.idl(10): error MIDL2025 : syntax error : expecting { near "."

The Code at that Line is:
library DZ.Addin.ChartGeneratorShimLib

Next Error:
....ChartGeneratorShim.idl(11): error MIDL2026 : cannot recover from earlier syntax errors; aborting compilation

Whitch may happens because of the previous error.

I just recognize ... Is it because there are Punctation "." in the Projectname?

I usualy use punctation like this:


I think this kind of punctation is quite common...
But I have no Idea about c++ so I dont know how to solve it in your generated code.

Any advice?

Posted 13 Dec, 2005 08:03:03 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Mansur.

I would advise you not to use '.' in the project name when you use C++.
If you want to use '.' in the name of your dll, you can always change the dll name through the OutputName property of your project.
Posted 13 Dec, 2005 11:10:24 Top