Outlook Security Manager - Unspecified error

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Outlook Security Manager - Unspecified error
Dan Linsten

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Joined: 2005-11-22
This is part of a workstation application that monitors a user's Outlook Mailbox. It is intended to operate regardless of whether Outlook is running or not. When Outlook is running on the workstation, the app runs OK without errors. If Outlook is not running the app has to instantiate its own Outlook object and also runs OK. However if the user stops Outlook while the app is running, the app then has to instantiate a new Outlook object and on the SECOND poll after stopping Outlook, an exception message 'Unspecified Error' is returned. Could you let me know what this could mean please.

Dim oApp As Outlook.Application
Dim objSecurityManager As AddinExpress.Outlook.SecurityManager '

'Check if Outlook Windows app is running
If OutlookWindowPresent() Then
oApp = Marshal.GetActiveObject("Outlook.Application")
oApp = New Outlook.Application
End If

objSecurityManager = New AddinExpress.Outlook.SecurityManager

'Connect 'Outlook Security Manager' to oApp

'Turn Security OFF
objSecurityManager.DisableOOMWarnings = True
Catch Ex As Exception
End Try

Thanks for any assistance

Posted 22 Nov, 2005 21:17:12 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Dan.

Do you call the Quit method of Outlook application?
Also I would advice you to call the Dispose method of SecurityManager component.

Do you use the latest version of Outlook Security Manager (v.1.4)?
Posted 23 Nov, 2005 05:24:56 Top