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Visual Basic 2005 Express Editions
Does Add-In express support he 'express' editions of VS? 
Richard Freeman

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Joined: 2005-03-13
I just downloaded the v2.2 of Add-In Express and attempted to install it over my copy of VB Express 2005.

When I get to the "choose development environment" page of the install wizard I don't have anything that is selectable.

Is there an issue with Addin Express and the trimmed down VS products? Or am I just missing a trick somewhere (highly possible!)

Many Thanks!
Posted 21 Nov, 2005 05:25:14 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Richard.

The fact is that now Add-in Express .NET doesn't support the Express editions of VS 2005. There are many restrictions in VB (C#, J#, C++) Express 2005. However we are planning to support these editions of VS 2005 in a month or two.
Posted 21 Nov, 2005 06:59:23 Top
Richard Freeman

Posts: 3
Joined: 2005-03-13
ok - many thanks Sergey. I'll look forward to the next version (either that or succumb to buying an MSDN licence!)
Posted 21 Nov, 2005 08:01:47 Top