Want to show a form on folder click

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Want to show a form on folder click
Sujay Ghosh

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Joined: 2010-01-20

I have created a new store, and have 3 folders under it .

So its something like this

My Store
|-------My Inbox
--------My Sent Items
|======= My outbox

I want three seperate forms , when the user clicks on My Inbox, My Sent Items and My Outbox

I would like to know what should I do to show up the form when the user clicks on the folder .

Any help . or small snippet of code would be really helpful .

Posted 22 Jan, 2010 12:55:55 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hi Sujay,

If you specify your form in an item of the Outlook Forms Manager component and set the ExplorarLayout property = WebViewPane and FolderName={full path to your folder}, Outlook Forms Manager will show the form for you. Below is the code of InitializeComponent from a sample add-in I've tested:

private void InitializeComponent()
    this.components = new System.ComponentModel.Container();
    this.adxOlFormsManager1 = new AddinExpress.OL.ADXOlFormsManager(this.components);
    this.adxOlFormsCollectionItem1 = new AddinExpress.OL.ADXOlFormsCollectionItem(this.components);
    // adxOlFormsManager1
    // adxOlFormsCollectionItem1
    this.adxOlFormsCollectionItem1.ExplorerLayout = AddinExpress.OL.ADXOlExplorerLayout.WebViewPane;
    this.adxOlFormsCollectionItem1.FolderName = "Personal Folders\Inbox";
    this.adxOlFormsCollectionItem1.FormClassName = "MyAddin14.ADXOlForm1";
    // AddinModule
    this.AddinName = "MyAddin14";
    this.SupportedApps = AddinExpress.MSO.ADXOfficeHostApp.ohaOutlook;

Regards from Belarus (GMT+2),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 25 Jan, 2010 04:41:14 Top