Retrieving the sender mail adress without CDO

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Retrieving the sender mail adress without CDO



Is it possible to retrieve the sender mail address from a mailItem in outlook 2000-2002 without usind CDO in C# or VB.Net?

I have found an msdn article which first creates a new mail item using reply property of the original mailItem, then retrieving the recipient of this reply mail. It was written for vba, but when I tried it in I keep getting ambigious reference error whenever I try to use the Reply property (or method I guess) of a mailItem. Can not invoke it from object either.

Any suggesstions about the reply issue, or about the general problem?
Thanks in advance,
Posted 28 Oct, 2005 12:13:21 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Serhat.

Yes, it is possible via Extended MAPI.
You can download an example here:
Posted 31 Oct, 2005 05:21:53 Top



It works like charm.
I used to think that it was not possible to do extended mapi programming in .Net
Thanks a lot.
Posted 31 Oct, 2005 11:57:25 Top