Performance (C++ vs VB.NET)

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Performance (C++ vs VB.NET)
Thomas Grossen


Is there a difference of performance between C++ (.NET) compiled code and VB.NET at the execution time?

If you could chose completely freely between the 2 language, what would you chose to develop an professional Add-in for MS Office (using Add-in express of course)?

Does somebody have any experience on this?

Posted 25 Oct, 2005 00:39:33 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Thomas.

There is no differences between Managed C++ and VB.NET. In both cases you will get a .NET assembly written in MSIL (Microsoft intermediate language). See below to learn more about it:

I think the best choice is C#. This language is as powerful as C++ and at the same time as simple as VB.NET.
Posted 25 Oct, 2005 07:26:38 Top