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Colorfull Office ComboBox


I want to add a control to the office commandbar object I have created.
I want it to be something similar to Word's font or styles dropdown.

I have checked the commandbar combobox class, but it seems way too limited to create those kind of dropdowns.
.Add method only takes two arguments, a string (name) and an integer (index) for adding a new item.

Is there way to have more colorfull dropdowns (like the ones I have mentioned), or am I using the wrong class for it?

Posted 21 Oct, 2005 06:26:32 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi, Serhat.

Unfortunately the Microsoft Office Object model doesn't provide functionality that allows you to add the owner-draw combo boxes. You can only use the standard controls that are defined in the Office.dll assembly.
Posted 21 Oct, 2005 10:33:07 Top