User Property Is not available at receiver end.

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User Property Is not available at receiver end.
Mail item recived id not having the User property 
Sanat Ojha

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Here i am adding Userproperty on mailsend event but while it reaches to receiver end , userproperty becoms NULL.

the code is:
Outlook.Inspector insp = OutlookApp.ActiveInspector();
Outlook.MailItem mail = insp.CurrentItem as Outlook.MailItem;
Outlook.UserProperties props = mail.UserProperties;
Outlook.UserProperty prop = null;
if(props != null)
//objMailitem.DeleteAfterSubmit = true;
prop = props.Add("ME", Outlook.OlUserPropertyType.olText, true, 1);
prop.Value = "Private";

Please let me know where i am going wrong in code.

Thank You!
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Posted 06 Nov, 2009 08:10:37 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Sanat,

It looks like user properties are not transmittable.
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Posted 06 Nov, 2009 08:24:11 Top