Windows 7 + IE 8 -> events not firing

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Windows 7 + IE 8 -> events not firing

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I've developed a command for IE, which currently works for IE6+7 on XP and Vista. It doesn't work for IE8 on XP, nor IE8 on Windows 7. I've tried creating an entirely new project, to play around with the settings. However, when clicking a command button or menu item, I can't get the events to fire. Sometimes IE8 blinks when I click on a command, but mostly nothing happens.

Am I missing something?

Posted 26 Oct, 2009 01:59:45 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Christian.

What the code did you to the event handler of the button? Did you try to disable the Protected Mode?
Posted 26 Oct, 2009 06:36:08 Top