Outlook Threading Problem

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Outlook Threading Problem
Drop Target Registration Fails when Word is the EMail editor !!! 
Roland Smeets

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Hi All,

When using Word as Outlook email editor the Add-In raises a DropTarget registration failed on the Windows Forms Treeview (VB.NET) that is opened when clicking on a button in the Inspector window. The AddIn is activated using the SHIM C++ project.

The problem only occurs when Word is the editor, when not using Word, the Form works as expected. It seems that the Threading model of the AddIn changes (from Appartment to Multi) when Word is the editor.

We think if the appartmentmodel of the AddIn could be set to 'Appartment' in stead of 'Both', the problem could be solved.

Has anybody found the same problem? And do you have a solution?



P.S. Turning of the droptarget is not a solution, because we are using a 3rd party component on the form that causes the same error.
Posted 07 Oct, 2005 05:56:14 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi, Roland.

I think the problem has nothing to do with the Outlook Threading Model.
It seems to me the problem is in the .NET Framework classes. I used to get this issue with a list box on the modal dialog form when Word was used as an editor in Outlook.
Unfortunately I had to refuse from using the list box.
Posted 07 Oct, 2005 08:49:39 Top