Unable to debug my Outlook add-in

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Unable to debug my Outlook add-in
Brendon Colloty



I am unable to get debugging to work in my development environment with Add In Express .NET

I set the Debug action to Start Program and point to the Outlook executable file.

I make sure debug mode is set for my add in and my referenced assemblies
I set breakpoints in a number of places including the inistalize event of the add-in

When I start the project in debug mode Outlook starts to open and then abruptly quits, the dev environment returns to edit mode.
If I start Outlook manually or try to debug again I get the "serious error" message and outlook asks if I want to disable my add-in.

I've seen at least one other post with this problem.

If I start Outlook outside of the development environment my add-in loads ok but of course I have no debugging available :(

Posted 06 Oct, 2005 21:39:26 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi, Brendon.

You are not able to debug the add-in because Outlook doesn't load the add-in at all. Do you have both .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 installed on your development PC?
Posted 07 Oct, 2005 08:16:07 Top