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OCX for .NET Application
Can I embed the built in .NET control in the Excel or other MS Office 
Rohit Sahni

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We are currently under the process of developing one application which aims to plot the different type of charts. The application we are developing is in VB.NET 1.1.

Now we want to provide the functionality so that we can embed our chart control (developed in VB.NET) to excel file, something like the build in chart provided in the excel does. Also the control that I have embedded should be in complete synchronization with the excel data.

For the same we were just come across the ADX.NET, but as we donít have the trial version available version, we can not commit that we will be able to provide the functionality we are looking for. Also the .NET 1.1 frameworks does not allows to create the ActiveX component.

So, can you please tell if we can have some concrete solution to the problem we are facing using ADX.NET?

A quick response will be highly obliged.
Posted 07 Sep, 2005 01:56:25 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Rohit.

Now Add-in Express .NET doesn't provide the functionality that allows you to add .NET controls to an Excel sheet.
Try to use Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System (VSTO) .
Posted 07 Sep, 2005 03:52:58 Top