AddinModule error: the add-in has fired an exception...

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AddinModule error: the add-in has fired an exception...
...Couldn't get process information from remote machine. 
Michael McMahon

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Hi there,

We've written an addin for MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word) using the Add-in Express.NET product and it has been quite successful, Thanks Afalina! :)

That said, I do have a bit of an issue with Microsoft Word (2003) in Terminal Server environments, where if the logged on user does not have administrative permissions on the box then an error is raised when Word starts and also at other times during the operation of addin. The error is displayed in a message box saying:

AddinModule error: the add-in has fired an exception. Couldn't get process information from remote machine.

Now I have reviewed the code for the addin to try and determine the source of the issue. I did identify some code that gets the path information of the executing assembly as the most likely culprit (this is the only place where we try to get any sort of process information). However, this code sits in the initialisation function of the addin and as I mentioned earlier the error appears not just at startup but at other times while the addin is in operation. So unless the initialisation function can be re-run during the addin's execution, I would suspect that this is not the offending area.

A couple of interesting points about this problem.

1. It doesn't for the most part prevent the addin from operating normally.

2. It doesn't happen in Excel though I have seen it once in Outlook. This is interesting because for the most part Excel and Word both reuse the same code to complete their tasks (saving documents from the host application to a web based DMS).

3. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the security settings in Word for addin/macro operation (I've currently got these set to Low and have ticked the "Trust all installed addins" option.

If anyone has any thoughts on this or where to look in resolving this problem I'd love to hear from you. Thank you!

Michael McMahon
Posted 28 Aug, 2005 21:01:11 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Michael.

Did you try to comment the code that you use to get the process information? Do you get the same issue?

Are you able to determine when exactly the error message appears?
Try to comment a part of your code in order to localize the problem (if it is possible).
Posted 30 Aug, 2005 01:20:48 Top