Toolbar install on Vista

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Toolbar install on Vista
Jason Lee

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Hi, guys,

I have a toolbar based on Add-in express, I installed on Windows XP, it works fine, while install to Vista, some times it don't even appear, unless you use "run as administrator" to install it. is there a way we can bypass that? since a lot of end users they don't know how to install as administrator.

Also in Vista, if I install the toolbar, it show me the following errors during the installation: but in XP, it installed without any issue.

Date and Time:         7/14/2009 5:09:53 PM
Machine Name:          USER-PC
IP Address:            fa80::3919:7e3f:11b2:2b90%8
Current User:          User-PCUser

Application Domain:    adxregext.exe
Assembly Codebase:     file:///C:/Program Files/
Assembly Full Name:    adxregext, Version=, Culture=neutral,
Assembly Version:
Assembly Build Date:   8/4/2008 5:42:52 PM

Exception Source:      mscorlib
Exception Type:        System.UnauthorizedAccessException
Exception Message:     Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.
Exception Target Site: Win32Error

---- Stack Trace ----
   Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.Win32Error(errorCode As Int32, str As String)
       adxregext.exe: N 0088 (0x58) IL 
   Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.SetValue(name As String, value As Object, valueKind As RegistryValueKind)
       adxregext.exe: N 0944 (0x3B0) IL 
   Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.SetValue(name As String, value As Object)
       adxregext.exe: N 0000 (0x0) IL 
   AddinExpress.IE.Deployment.AddinDomainAdapter.RegisterManagedType(type As Type, strAsmName As String, strAsmVersion As String, strAsmCodeBase As String, strRuntimeVersion As String)
       adxregext.exe: N 0071 (0x47) IL 
As Assembly, flags As AssemblyRegistrationFlags)
       adxregext.exe: N 0135 (0x87) IL 
As Boolean, dllType As String, dllPath As String, showExceptions As Boolean)
       adxregext.exe: N 0051 (0x33) IL

Posted 14 Jul, 2009 21:38:40 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hi Jason,

If you work with VS 2008, then open your .vdproj in a text editor and set "RequiresElevation" to true:

"RequiresElevation" = "11:TRUE"

If you use VS 2005, we suggest zipping your installer and providing a readme file in the archive.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+2),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 15 Jul, 2009 10:48:36 Top