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Setup in a production environment
Cristiano Gasparotto


I'm writing an add-in for Word 2003 and on my development machine it works fine. When I try to install it on a test environment (only Windows 2003 and Office 2003), Word fires an exception and ask me to disable the addin.

I've tried to keep the addin very simple but the problem persists. Even starting from scratch and adding a new CommandBar with a button and commenting all unnecessary code causes this behavior.

Have you a FAQ or good practice suggestions about installation? I'm sure I've missing something.



Posted 25 Jul, 2005 11:36:17 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Cris.

What version of .NET framework is installed on the test PC? Can I send you a test project so that you can test it out in the test environment?

Have you a FAQ or good practice suggestions about installation? I'm sure I've missing something

The setup project for office COM addins based on ADX automatically includes all necessary files. If you add some additional assemblies you also should include them in the setup project. The following assemblies must be placed in the add-in folder and then registered in the GAC (the registration will be executed automatically if you use the ADX setup project).
Posted 26 Jul, 2005 02:45:44 Top
Cristiano Gasparotto


Thanks Sergey,
I'm using .NET v1.1.4322 on Windows 2003 and a setup project output automatically generated by ADX. I've used the COM shim proxy.
In any case send me the test project: I'll try it in a hurry. You probably already have my email address as a registered user or tell me where can i send you my address.

Posted 26 Jul, 2005 07:40:33 Top