Source code for C++(ATL?) example?

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Source code for C++(ATL?) example?


Is there an example which uses ATL?
Do you support multiple inspectors and explorers?


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Sergey Grischenko

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The Addin Express .NET is written in C# and does not support ATL. To develop your own applications based on Add-in Express .NET you can use all .NET languages that generate managed code. They are C#, VB.NET or Managed Extensions for C++. For C++ there are the following projects: "Managed C++ Class Library" project in Visual Studio .NET 7.0 or "Class Library (.NET)" in Visual Studio .NET 7.1.
The Add-in Express .NET supports multiple inspectors and explorers. See the ItemTypes property for ADXOlExplorerCommandBar and ADXOlInspectorCommandBar components. To set this property you can use the ADXOlExplorerItemTypes enumeration and the ADXOlInspectorObjClasses enumeration respectively. For example: adxExplorerCommandBar. ItemTypes =(ADXOlExplorerItemTypes.olMailItem | ADXOlExplorerItemTypes.olAppointmentItem);
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