unable to get installer types

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unable to get installer types
deploying windows application 
hans arsjo

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I'm a desperate newbie developer... and new to this forum searching for help.

I've created a windows application with VS .NET 2003. I'm using C# as language. The application uses Gigasoft as a third part chart supplier and Cystal Descision for handling my reports. I'm also using app.config file to set the connectionstring to the SQL server.

To deploy my aplication I've created an installer class to edit the config file during the installation. When not using Custom Action, the installation works just fine (Without editing the config file). But when I try ta adapt custom action I recieve following error:

Unable to get installer types in the [%programfiles%]\[MyCompany]\[MyProduct]\WinApp.exe assembly. --> One or more of the types in the assembly unable to load.

what am I missing?

When building a simple "Hello World"-app the installation works just fine and the config file recieves the value I give.

any help apreciates. Thanks in advance

Best regards

Hans Årsjö
[Systemdeveloper, DiaGraphIT AS]
Posted 06 Jul, 2005 16:45:52 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Hans.

I have two questions.
What assemblies did you add to the References branch of your project?
Did you include these assemblies in your setup project?
Posted 07 Jul, 2005 06:20:14 Top