Opening outlook notes and closing outlook throws errors

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Opening outlook notes and closing outlook throws errors
Colin Fischer

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Joined: 2005-04-21
I have an outlook add-in that has the itemtype set to 'Mail'. All the add-in does is add an InspectorCommandBar and a CommandBarButton to the users mail items. This all works fine no problems however if I have the add-in loaded and open an outlook note, change the note, close the note, and then close outlook I get 2 msgboxes

'Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid'


'The Note will close and your changes will not be saved'

from checking deja it looks like notes are tempremental is there a way for me to get around this?
Posted 22 Jun, 2005 12:18:37 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Colin.

What version of ADX do you use? The latest ADX version is 2.2.1751.
Posted 22 Jun, 2005 14:04:58 Top