What is the purpose of ADXStartMode in the registry?

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What is the purpose of ADXStartMode in the registry?
Steve Weixel


I've been watching this value in the registration key for my add-in for a while, and as far as I can tell it doesn't seem to do anything. It appears to reflect whatever the state of LoadBehavior, but I can't tell if changing or deleting it is affecting anything.
Posted 21 Jun, 2005 15:38:52 Top
Sven Heitmann

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It has an effect:
when it is has the value FIRST ADX loads the Commandbars into your Office.
If you delete some Controls from your Bars they are not reloaded automatically, you have to set this value to FIRST to get them back.

AFAIK there is also an value Uninstall or something like this that is set when ADX is uninstalled, so you can hook some custom methods on this to cleanup Office.

LoadBehavior is for Office, 3 means start on startup, 0 means deactivated, 2 is set when an error occured an it was deactivated... search on MSDN for this to get a description by Microsoft.

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Sven Heitmann
Posted 22 Jun, 2005 01:29:00 Top