Save / Read settings in Excel

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Save / Read settings in Excel
Davide Crudo

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If I use the snap-in to set-up some settings ...can they be stored saving the excel file?

Because if I transfer the xls file from one PC to Another I believe the settings are not saved in the file...

an easy way would be to put the settings on a worksheet and hide it... but I was looking for a more "professional" solution ;)

Any idea?
Thx a lot in advance!
Posted 11 May, 2005 01:58:16 Top
Aleksey Zhigar


Posted 11 May, 2005 07:29:03 Top
Davide Crudo

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Joined: 2005-05-09

Where can I set the CustomDocument properties to save custom settings inside the file?

I've tried to find this property in the Excel Add in, ExcelAPP and in the manual...but could not find it...

Thx in advance!

Posted 20 Jun, 2005 04:23:36 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Davide,

This is a document's property (workbook). You can find some information in MSDN and in MS Office help.

P.S. If you have other questions on the same topic please post them in the

Posted 20 Jun, 2005 07:04:48 Top