What type is ADXSmartTagRecognizeEventArgs.TokenListObj?

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What type is ADXSmartTagRecognizeEventArgs.TokenListObj?
Paul Cross

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Anyone able to let me know the underlying type of ADXSmartTagRecognizeEventArgs.TokenListObj?

Posted 16 Sep, 2008 09:11:12 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hello Paul,

It is an instance of the AddinExpress.SmartTag.ISmartTagTokenList class.

If you use the TokenList object, it is strongly recommended that you also trap for the case where the TokenList object is empty. This could happen if for example no word breaker for a particular language is installed. When that happens using the TokenList object won't work and your code could fail.

You need to release the TokenList object and call the garbage collector at the end to ensure the host application does not stay in memory after it has been closed down.

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