Outlook Add-in not appearing in the "Com Add-ins" dialog in Outlook

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Outlook Add-in not appearing in the "Com Add-ins" dialog in Outlook
Ryan Farley


I created an Outlook Add-in and it does not appear in the Outlook "Com Add-ins" dialog. Others that I have created with ADX appear there, but not this one (which happens to be the one I need to roll out).

Is there something I could have screwed up to cause this? I've registered and unregistered to no avail. Even if I attempt to add my add-in using this dialog (by selecting my shim) it does not register/add it (and obviously does not appear in the dialog.

My add-in on occasion does not load in Outlook andI was thinking that maybe it is related?

Thanks. BTW, using ADX 2.2 for .NET and Outlook 2003 (although same behavior happens with Outlook 2000 and XP with this add-in).

Posted 28 Apr, 2005 17:34:27 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hello Ryan,

Could you please send me your project. I have just sent you my e-mail address.
Posted 28 Apr, 2005 18:29:25 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Ryan.

Please check the RegisterForAllUsers property of the AddinModule. Probably you set this property to true. In this case Office add-ins don't appear in the COM Add-ins dialog.
Posted 29 Apr, 2005 04:36:49 Top
Ryan Farley



That was it. Good to know. Thanks.

Posted 29 Apr, 2005 17:34:23 Top