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Outlook LoadBehavior
Antony Jones


Dear support,

I have a problem with LoadBehavior in that I set it to LoadAtStartup. When I run the setup kit everything appears to install ok. However I have to go into the Tools \ Options \ Advanced Options \ COM Add-ins dialogue and check my Add-in.

Once this is check the add-in loads fine and then is available in Outlook

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?
Posted 26 Apr, 2005 16:47:39 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hi Antony,

What registration do you use, for the current user or "for all users on this PC"?
Posted 26 Apr, 2005 16:56:15 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Antony.

The LoadBehavior property must be set to "Connected;LoadAtStartup".
This is the default value for all Office applications are supported by ADX.
Posted 27 Apr, 2005 04:50:41 Top
Antony Jones


Hi I'm using for current user only
Posted 27 Apr, 2005 06:47:32 Top