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New Project | Add to current Solution
New Project | Add to current Solution -- does not work 
Scott Bieker

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Joined: 2005-03-22
Is there any way to do the following:

1) Create a Blank Solution in 2003
2) Add a New Project | ADX Add-in
3) Configure addin properly to do everything you want
(even just add a menu to Excel that does nothing)

Currently I can only make the add-in work if I start with "no solution" and let creation of a "New ADX add-in project" create a "new solution" for me. I am perplexed at what is happening behind the scenes. The only "real" difference I can see is that the addin project is saved in the root solution folder versus a different folder when doing the above method.

Anyway, if this is possible, I'd really like to know how. My Source control is not happy with with the "default method" that works. But, I'll have to just do it that way for now.


Posted 22 Mar, 2005 16:28:54 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hi Scott,

There is no way to add an add-in project to an existing solution.

The cause is that (in addition to the main add-in project) an add-in solution allows a developer to include its shim and its setup project. To my mind it is an intricate way to manage all this within a non-addin solution. That is why we do not provide this feature. And I think we will not provide this in the future.
Posted 22 Mar, 2005 16:50:57 Top
Scott Bieker

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Joined: 2005-03-22

I did one more test. The only problem is with the Register & Unregister features. The following works:

1) create a blank solution
2) Add a new project and choose ADX Com add-in (choose option to "add to solution" not the default "close solution)
3) modify add-in as necessary
4) build the setup project
5) use setup projest to install the add-in
6) open office application and add-in is available

Yes, the shim works properly. Everything "seems" ok.

Now the solution will integrate with my Source Control correctly (I use Team Coherence from Although there are a few other issues with checking to to source control with duplicate naming of files in the shim project, I can work around them.

It sure would be nice in testing I did not have to "install" the application but instead could register it. But, for integrity of source control, versioning and backups, it's not a high price to pay. Maybe there is a way though to make the register/unregister work knowing that the COM add-in works via the deployment project?
Posted 22 Mar, 2005 19:14:23 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Scott.

Why don't you use the "Register ADX Project"/"Unregister ADX Project" options from the Context menu of an ADX based project? You can also register/unregister an add-in via the Build menu of VS.
Posted 23 Mar, 2005 11:15:58 Top